11 libraries (component sets) for Angular, which are worth knowing in 2018

January 9, 2018
⬝ 11 libraries (component sets) for Angular which are worth knowing in 2018
⬝ 11 libraries (component sets) for Vue which you should know about in 2018
⬝ 11 libraries (component sets) for React which you should know about in 2018

Here is the third material from the series devoted to the review of libraries for popular web frameworks. Last time we talked about React and Vue. Today our theme is Angular. In this material, in addition to the traditional 11 libraries, we will mention several more toolboxes worthy of attention.



Angular is one of the most common web frameworks. And according to Stack Overflow research of 2017, this framework can be called the most popular one.

Angular, according to Stack Overflow research, can be considered the most the popular web framework

The approach to the organization of the programmer's work, used in Angular, is to hide in the bowels of the framework the performance of various office operations, giving the developer convenient tools built on the basis of internal mechanisms. Angular, like React, encourages the use of components and the separation of the application interface into small fragments that are suitable for reuse.

Below is a list of eleven libraries for Angular, some of which may well be useful to you in the next or the current project. Most of them are designed for Angular2 +, however, some of them are suitable for older versions of the framework. As with React, you can select individual components from the libraries for Angular and use them in the project without installing the entire library.

1. Material2

Material2 is the official library of Angular components, which implements the Material Design concepts from Google. These user interface components can be considered as code examples written in accordance with the recommendations of the Angular development team.

2. NGX Bootstrap

The NGX Bootstrap library collected about 3.5 thousand stars on GitHub. In it you can find the basic components that implement the capabilities of the Bootstrap template and written for Angular, and not only them. It is suitable for the development of desktop and mobile applications and is designed taking into account the extensibility and adaptability.

3. Prime NG

Prime NG is a library that includes an extensive set of more than 70 components of the user interface. Here, different types of stylization are available, for example – Material Design and Flat Design. Prime NG has about 3.3 thousand stars on GitHub, it is used by companies such as eBay, Fox, and many others. All this suggests that this library is worthy of attention of those who are looking for a suitable set of components for their project.

4. NG Bootstrap

NG Bootstrap, a popular library that includes components for Angular, made in the style of Bootstrap 4, about 4.5 thousand stars on GitHub. It serves as a replacement for the Bootstrap project angular-ui, which is no longer supported. NG Bootstrap has a high level of code coverage by tests and lack of third-party JS-dependencies. Onsen UI

Onsen UI Library for Angular is a popular solution for developing hybrid and mobile applications for Android and iOS using JavaScript. This library has about 6,000 stars on GitHub, it uses bindings, it allows you to use various visual styles.

6. Vaadin

Visual elements from the Vaadin library are designed to fill the gap between the components of Angular and the elements of Polymer. This library supports Material Design, it contains components suitable for the development of mobile and desktop applications. It should be noted that its components are stored in separate repositories.


The components from the NG-ZORRO library are written in TypeScript with full typing. The goal of this project is to give developers high-end components for creating user interfaces in the style of Ant Design. This interesting library was created by Chinese developers, on GitHub it has about 2 thousand stars.

8. NG Lightning

The NG Lightning library is a set of components developed for the Saleforce Lightning Design System. Functional components that do not store the state included in its composition depend only on the input data, which contributes to the high productivity and flexibility of the solutions created on their basis.

9. NG Semantic-UI

NG Semantic-UI library includes 27 components and has about a thousand stars on GitHub. It is based on the popular interface solution Semantic-UI, presented as components for the Angular-applications.

10. Clarity

Clarity is an open source design system created by VMware. It is a combination of the implementation of recommendations for UX-design, HTML / CSS framework and components for Angular. Clarity gives the developer an extensive set of high-performance components with data binding.

11. NG2 Charts

The NG2 Charts library, which has about a thousand stars on GitHub, gives the developer the Angular guidelines for creating six types of graphs, with the properties used here based on chart.js. This library can be used to visualize large data sets and display lists.

On individual components and additional libraries

Individual components for Angular can be found on the pages awesome-angular and awesome-angular-components. In addition, there are several other libraries that we believe to be useful to any Angular developer.

  • Md2 is a library that implements Material Design principles for Angular2.
  • Fuel-ui is a set of user interface components for use with Angular2 and Bootstrap 4.
  • Covalent – a platform for the user interface Teradata, built on the basis of Angular and Material Design.
  • Map – Angular directives for Google Maps.
  • Devextreme-angular – DevExtreme components for Angular.
  • Angular2-mdl – components, directives and styles for Angular, based on the lightweight version of Material Design.


In this article, we looked at libraries that we hope will prove useful to Angular developers. Next time, let's talk about libraries for Vue.

Dear readers! If you use Angular, you probably have a list of frequently used libraries. We ask about them to tell.

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