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September 9, 2017
Review in honor of my 10th anniversary of participation in the project of creating the Kolibri operating system.

Who I did not work for and what I did not do in this project. It was the knowledge gained in the process of work on Kolibri that gave me the opportunity to radically change my life – to find a dream job, new friends and get an incredible amount of fan!


So, let's get started.


From the very beginning and up to the victorious end, I saw the icon for the Hummingbird.
Left icons before my arrival in the project, in the middle of my first edition in 2007 and in the right column the current version of the night assemblies.

An old article on this topic "Hummingbird icons: forgetting the Minuet"

 KolibriOS icons evolution


He was engaged in advertising Kolibri on other resources.

File manager Eolite

My first and for this is the largest program for Hummingbird.
We started it with Veliant, then joined the development

The article about the development of "Eolite. Memoirs of an amateur "

Two-panel mode.
 Eolite with two panels

Memory Blocks

In the game, you need to find identical pairs of icons from memory, to use the desktop icons to reduce the size of the program. Be a designer, play with fonts with icons!
The idea and redesign of Memory Blocks: me. Programming: Bone Veliant.
 Memory blocks


A simple Russian-English and English-Russian dictionary for 15 thousand meanings of words.
Search takes place as you dial.

Just Clicks

Re-written on C-ClickoMania. Normal design, bug fixes, level system.
Favorite time killing in the Hummingbird.
 Just clicks


The choice of windows and wallpaper design.
 Skin Selector

Launching my site dedicated to Hummingbirds on free hosting people: Now is not available.
 Screenshot of the site

WebView: text browser (Ex. HTMLv)

My most famous and poorly written program.
In due time Veliant has thrown me all his projects for Kolibri. Among them was one quite interesting – "HTML Viewer in C–". I adapted the program code to a new version of the library and the work went.
The browser itself is a TWB component that can be built into other C programs, for example, it was later built into Liza's mail client.

Also read the article "WebView or a story about how the KolibriOS browser was written "

 Web View

My developments in the journal CHIP

The March issue of CHIP magazine published an article about KolibriOS.
Of all the screenshots of Hummingbird on the Internet, they chose my authorship. On it version Kolibri, which so officially did not come out – it was collected by me by the type of night assembly.
Wallpaper, logo, icons, file manager – all of my authorship.

 My developments in the journal CHIP

Developers meeting

I met with the developer Kolibri – Bones Veliant in Moscow.
With him we wrote a lot of good programs: Eolite, Memory Blocks, browser. He explained to me many things in programming, in particular, about working with memory, registers and pointers. We chatted in ICQ all day long, scoring at the university. Ah, it was a good time!
Now Kostya works at the company Dr.Web.


The game starts with the top left cell. Select a color by clicking on one of the boxes on the left, and the cells will be colored with this color – so you attach adjacent cells of the same color. Grab the field for a limited number of moves.

The issue of KolibriN 8.X

Kolibri – IMG image, collected by me on the basis of night assemblies, the predecessor of KolibriN.
KolibriN 8.1 is the Upgrade Pack, which is placed over the night assembly.
KolibriN 8.2 is an ISO-distribution. The night assembly is loaded and KolibriN immediately rolls over it.

KolibriN8 at the time of its release was blamed for focusing on the whistle, not realizing that it was an unreal breakthrough for the Hummingbird of that time, because it marked the transition from IMG assemblies to full ISO.

But everything is in order.

When the OS starts, it completely copies all the data from the kolibri.img image to the virtual disk / rd / 1. Some programs do not fit into 1.44 MB and therefore they lie directly on the CD-ROM. When assembling the distribution, we want to add a link to DOOM in the menu and register associations with the zSea viewer. Both of them are on a CD-ROM.

The catch is that we can not do this! Because a CD-disk can be / cd / 1, / cd / 2, / cd / 3, etc. It is not an option to guess. At that time, there were no tools to solve this problem.

Developing KolibriN8, I made an installer that found the files on the ISO and copied them to /tmp0/1.
Now their way has always been the same and you can add shortcuts to additional programs on the desktop, in the menu and most importantly – register associations.

The second thing that was done important: I collected all the programs for Hummingbirds in one place, personal development sites and distant corners of the Internet.

The list of changes KolibriN compared to the night assemblies of that time:

  • The delivery includes not previously published mail client Liza;
  • Now anyone can run and try Grafx 2, before that it was a non-trivial task because of the tight binding to the paths;
  • The shadow of the desktop menu and the semi-transparency of the notifications widget are added;
  • The game includes games, including Doom, Loderunner, Pig, Jumpbump and emulators of game consoles NES, SNES, Gameboy;
  • Emulators DosBox and ZX Spectrum will launch hundreds of old applications and games;
  • Application delivery: zSea image viewer, PDF viewer, FPlay video player and many other programs.
  • All associations are registered, boring wallpapers and skins that can be easily changed through the context menu of the desktop;

 Kolibri N8
 Kolibri N8


(2012. 2016)
The program for managing virtual disks uses the tmpdisk.sys driver API, written by CleverMouse.
Management – command line and GUI.

Mail client Liza

All mailboxes working on the POP protocol without encryption should be supported – this is,, … does not work, because uses encryption.
 Liza login
The login and password are saved after the program is closed to a text file.
You can specify your connection settings.
 Liza settings

After a successful login, we enter the mailbox. The mail headers are downloaded automatically. The body of the letter is loaded when you click on it, the process of loading the letter is also displayed by the progress bar. The dimensions of the panels that display the list of letters and the letter itself can be changed by pulling the mouse over "= = =".
 Liza mail

Social network

Realizing the need to penetrate into the social network, on January 28, 2013 I created the contact group KolibriOS – the official group, which has been successfully operating until now.

Why these social networks? Now a very large number of people are registered and visited there, it's foolish to ignore them if we want to carry KolibriOS to the masses. Previously, such a task did not stand and Mario spoke openly about this. I want the system to be known, so that people use it, so they write the code and improve it. the quantity always grows into quality. Also there you can set up the publication of news. Well, there can be a certain coordination of actions in the future.
I explain why it is necessary to go to the masses; post on the forum, 2013

On the same day
yogev_ezra created a group in Facebook, which, unfortunately, has long been abandoned.

Report on Hummingbirds at the IT Club conference

A review report on Kolibri at the IT Club Global Logic conference in Nikolaev.
Report materials: speech and slides
Report on the site
Video from the conference [poor quality of recording]
 I'm at the presentation ]


Redesign of the calendar.

Update of the offline account

Official site Kolibri for some time was a single page without any special design. 2004-2011
As always, I decided to update the icons. new icons 2011
Since there are new icons, the whole site will have to be updated:)
At that time, I did not know HTML / CSS / JS and I asked to make the Akyltist site based on the free template. I helped him and later ran the bugs, so much so that in a couple of months I got a job as a web designer.
The new site became multilanguage, got a gallery of screenshots, a banner was added to the main page, which was supposed to be changed in accordance with significant events.


A year and a half later, a new version of KolibriN9 was released!
KolibriN9 is based on KolibriOS and provides a more beautiful and user-friendly environment – it's not only beautiful desktop wallpaper, but also a much larger number of software included in the kit.
From the changes that came from KolibriOS:

  • connecting an additional directory / kolibrios /; (the consequence of the creation of KolibriN8)
  • support USB (flash drives, mice, keyboards, hubs) and their "hot" connection;
  • support for reading XFS filesystem and reading / writing ext2 / 3/4;
  • the time distribution in the process scheduler was improved
  • native SATA IDE support for hard disks and ATAPI devices is added;
  • support for the system-wide clipboard;
  • Inclusion in the driver system vidintel, which includes support for native resolutions on laptops with integrated Intel graphics;
  • update of Intel HD Audio audio driver;
  • update drivers for video cards Intel and ATI Radeon;
  • acceleration of loading on some configurations.

And now about the changes in KolibriN9 directly:

  • the system design was redesigned, the design became much more beautiful and more pleasant;
  • improved usability thanks to the use of Docky (dock bar);
  • instant start KolibriN at the expense of support of connection of additional directory /kolibrios/.

Written specifically for KolibriN:

  • Game Center – a game center from which it is possible to run games supplied as part of KolibriN;
  • appearance – a program for quick and convenient change of system theme and desktop background.

A more detailed survey on offsets.

The merger of KolibriN and KolibriOS

Resentment, pain, holivary are in the past and we again began to build Hummingbirds all together.
At the moment, almost all the workings from KolibriN migrated to the main distribution.
The history page turned over.

Software widget

Universal widget, with which you create:
 – System panel
 – Game center
 – App + (KolibriOS Additional Software)
 System panel


Completion of the port, expansion of functionality, bug fixes, serious interface improvement. The whole development was carried out in Linux in a virtual machine.
 uPDF KoliriOS

Pixie Player v1.X


Article about the development of "Music in KolibriOS: full review and the latest novelties »

In short, Pixie is an MP3 player, a frontend for miniMP3. When you open a file from a folder, the player will start the selected song and all MP3 from this folder will also be added to the playlist.
The window can be of three modes: normal, collapsed into a header and compact. There are two possible themes for choosing a user: light and dark. All program settings are saved after the restart. When you start the player without parameters, the last opened folder will start playing.
 Pixie 1.X

When you move the window in compact mode, it moves not the frame, but the window itself, for the first time in Hummingbird!
 Pixie player window drag

System panels configuration utility

GUI for two INI files.
 System panels configuration utility

TextEdit GUI update

Updated GUI of TextEdit text editor.

Mouse testing and configuration utility

The name speaks for itself. Collected everything in one place and combed it.
 Mouse testing and configuration utility


Text reader, supports different font sizes and different encodings, uses ini-file to save settings, supports hotkeys and opens the file in Tinypad.

Large fonts

Translated many programs into large fonts.

Details in the article "Fonts in Hummingbird"

Clipboard Viewer

Program to view the contents of the clipboard. Unlike Windows, where only one slot can be stored in the buffer at once, it is multilevel in the Hummingbird. Data on the slots are presented in the form of a table, you can delete the last slot or all, make an emergency unlock. Also available is the preview of the data of the slot in the form of text and HEX.
 Clipboard Viewer

KolibriOS – Issue Tracker

Hate hatred for Mantis reached its peak and I wrote down a simple and usable bugtracker. It is based on Tit.
 Kolibri Bug Tracker


Driver installer, collect all the information from /kolibrios/drivers/drvinf.ini//19459005]drvinst


Updated shutdown window, the port from KolibriN10 to KolibriOS.
Screenshot for comparison: top old, from below new.

Animage redesign

Code by Igor A.
GUI by me.
 Animage old
 Animage new

Process manager

A more simple and convenient process manager. Developed within the framework of KolibriN10.
 Process Manager

Visual Text Comparer / Diff tool

Port http://c–
Visual Text Comparer / Diff tool


Pipette for the desktop.
 The pipette

To be continued …

All the source codes are open, anyone can see them.
The article was long, thank you for reading.

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