Digest of interesting materials for mobile developer # 220 (September 4 – September 10)

September 10, 2017

While we are preparing for the premiere of the new iPhone, let's look at the latest Google countdown, VKontakte design, use CoreML and ARCore advantages, calculate clicker math and the illusion of choice. All this and much more in the new digest!

Some time ago I wrote about the ridiculous method-verification "But are not you a goat, user?". Today I discovered another funny method for the new Android 8.0. VKontakte is a set of interfaces for different platforms. Today you will learn about how we work on these interfaces, creating the design of our products. Being by and large a self-taught designer, I always wondered why so many articles and websites talk about color theory and color palettes. In my experience, the probability of making a beautiful design, using the "split-complimentary palette," tends to zero.

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