Separation of chat rooms and search in Telegram

January 10, 2018

In my previous publication, I described 5 controversial UX / UI solutions in Telegram and it turned out to be rather ambiguous (just look at its rating of 16 to 13). The main reason for the indignation was the absence of the division of chats in my list, which initially caused some confusion in me, and later, after a thorough rethinking, I understood the problem and tried to find the optimal solution for it.

  • Until a certain time, I did not see anything wrong in the absence of the separation of chats in the application and it seemed to me that the introduction of additional tabs or groups into it was only negative will affect usability. After conducting oral and written surveys of their friends, acquaintances and subscribers, and also adding more new bots and subscriptions to channels, I was convinced of the opposite.

    Separation is necessary. But how to implement it more literate? I personally really like the concept of the Telegram team to make one simple screen with messages that sorts itself according to the relevance of the information and it is unlikely that it will abandon it in the foreseeable future, but also have such an "information dump", constantly digging into it in search of the right chat, output.

    What should I do? Our goal is to implement chat sorting at minimal change of interface structure and user interaction experience with it .

    In order to solve this task, it is first necessary to first understand what purpose we are doing this sorting. It is necessary for a better orientation of the user among his chats, as well as for quick access to them. In other words, sorting is needed for a quick search and selecting the required chat accordingly.

    The option with the svaypom between the tabs fell away immediately. Too many mechanical actions would have to be done. Groups on the main page are also not an option.

    And then the idea came to me: "Why not change the search screen and do not implement the division of chats into groups using drop-down lists?" Thus, saving the familiar screen with "all in a row" and at the same time, give the user the opportunity to quickly find the right chat and start interacting with him, which is so lacking. And also give him the opportunity to group and create lists of his most important chats. It looks like this:


    As you can see, the search function has not gone anywhere, and the "Recent" section, which has less significance, has been transformed into the form of the former section " Chats "and will always be glued to the bottom of the screen. Chats were replaced by the "Groups". If the user has lost some chat, he can quickly find it for 2 tapas.

    Functions that groups should have:

    1. Addendum and removing drop-down lists, their names, and chats in them (you can make a floating button for this).
    2. Drag and drop chats up and down within the list (to prioritize chats by the user.)
    3. The opened drop-down list should not collapse even after the application completely exits, its status is manipulated only by the user (so you can always keep the list open and get access to the chats inside it).
    4. The list of "Unsorted" should contain all other chat rooms that the user has not grouped.

    Of course, these are only my sketches, which are far from ideal, but in general the idea and the concept are clear.


    Total – we implemented so desired by users the possibility of dividing chats into Telegram without changing the card interface and experience of user interaction (to any, even a minimal change in the interface a person should get used to) , which is beneficial both for the Telegram team and for us, its permanent users.

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