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September 12, 2017

This Saturday in our blog QIWI on Habr we announced a contest "A thousand rubles for the idea." We proposed to outline the idea of ​​an application that can be implemented on the basis of the QIWI API in the framework of the forthcoming all-Russian competition QIWI API Contest, and as a reward get for a good idea 1000 rubles for your QIWI Wallet. To collect ideas was absolutely transparent, he was in the comments to the publication itself. Despite the weekend, the users of Hubr have pleasantly surprised us: almost two dozen ideas were proposed for implementation.

The winners were:

equity with the idea of ​​creating a two-sided "Motivating the calendar of meetings," according to which for a delay of one of the parties for every N minutes, the latecomer will lose a small amount of money.

Followww with the idea of ​​a mini-game "necessary-unnecessary" by analogy with "edible-inedible". According to the idea, users can choose from the proposed groups of goods of a certain value the most attractive, thus adjusting the product line of the interested party.

Gorodnya with the idea of ​​supporting the QIWI application of the NFC Wallet function to transfer money from another user's bank card by one-touch plastic to the smartphone.

int27h with the idea of ​​automating the accounting of personal finances from the history of purchases, transfers, payments, as well as automatic payment of fines and saved fees.

MrSunny with the idea of ​​creating a paid voting service based on the QIWI Wallet. The fee is charged for the sake of creating another level of protection against cheating.

Samouvazhektra with the idea of ​​applying a "collective purse" to raise funds for certain needs. For example, for parents of schoolchildren, students, etc.

Talean with the idea of ​​creating a purse-application for employees (couriers) with automatic payment based on the distance traveled by the car.

TrusTT with the idea of ​​automatic payment for SMM-services based on published records. The data is collected in a "silent" mode by the bot or provided manually by links. It is aimed at working with trusted people.

val_potapov with the idea of ​​creating an application-guarantor for making off-line purchases "from hand" through intermediaries. It gives an opportunity to confirm the receipt of funds to the seller's account, which guarantees the fulfillment of obligations under the transaction by both parties.

padonnak with the idea of ​​creating an authorization bot as an alternative to SMS-identification of payments.

These are the best ideas from published in the comments. However, we especially want to note the ideas of the following habrajzerov:
Talean and
TrusTT. Their proposals can now be taken and registered with one of them for our competition – we will be happy to see the implementation of these proposals. In general, when selecting winners, we were guided by those ideas that can be successfully implemented with the use of the open API QIWI Wallet. And all the above proposals have a real chance to get the main prize of the future hakaton – a trip to Singapore.

Dare! Meet on the QIWI API Contest.

To receive your prize in the amount of 1000 rubles, the winners should contact the author of this publication in private messages and send him their QIWI Wallet number.

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